Development of a new way of searching and finding files. Formerly Gaya.

Confusion and mixed issues (169)

Total hours: 304

Top one:

1) I'm confused regarding what to do. I've made several critical mistakes and trying to make a product more complicated than it needed to be. I need a basic product and then can grow from there. Right now I just need to design the MVP and go from there.

What is the MVP? Syncing browser history from each browser with each other.

API Design (168)

Total hours: 294 (14 hours behind target, day 14/90)

Top one:

1) Setup color and theme along with header and it translates perfectly between dark and light mode (including the SVG).

Static Website Finished (167)

Total hours: 293 (13 hours behind target, day 13/90)

Top two:

1) Design Webpage

The static webpage design is finished as viewable at linkerd.app. I’m proud of it but it’s not where I wanted it to be. However other things demand my attention and I can’t spend more time on this one.

I’ve begun spending my time on Vue.JS and learning the basics of this again.

2) Financial Update

I’ve overrun my financial limits and for the next few months will need to aggressively save in order to recover. Something that I’ll be able to do absolutely.

Sync Woes and Static Website (166)

Total hours: 290 (12 hours behind target, day 11/90)

Top three:

1) Hugo

I tried but it wasn’t worth it, the theme design was too complicated for what I was trying to do and it was seemed to be more geared towards blogs which this isn’t at all.

2) Static Website Woes

I’m using an advanced version of Mac OS (Because the Stage Manager feature is killer for deep work). However it’s caused alot of issues with brew and hence even installing Jeykell (I’m worried that I misspelled it but you know what I’m talking about).

I’m using it because I realized that I had conflated three seperate subsystems into 1.

The three subsystems are:

  • static website
  • application
  • API

Now that I’ve figured out the conflation I’m now properly and independently developing all three.

3) Synchronization Engine beginning

This is a quite complicate piece of machinery that I’m trying to develop. The main issue is that I’m sorta out of my league here but here I know it unlike when I was developing the 2SSL protocol for transmission of data between a client and the server.

I’ve reached out for help and will be eagerly awaiting responses.

Continuing to Replan (165)

Total hours: 286 (12 hours behind target, day 9/90)

Top one:

1) Replanning

Realized that I was merging three seperate parts into one confusing mess. Had to take a step back and begin earnest replanning the design and construction of this application.

Replanning and Rebreathing (164)

Total hours: *286 (10 hours behind target, day 8/90) *

Top one:

1) Replanning

I need to slow down and breathe. I can’t go into this completely blind. I need to slow down and stop panicking. I’m not in my element. But I have the capability to learn and I need to utilize that and stop spaghetti coding. I’m trying to build a secure system which involves the precise working of multiple systems. I need to focus small and then grow from there.

Struggling with Template (163)

Total hours: 285 (9 hours behind target, day 7/90)

Top one:

1) Elixir Learning

Reading and understanding how Elixir Plugs work.

Ecto Changeset Woes (162)

Total hours: 185 (7 hours behind target, day 6/90)

Top three:

1) Elixir Struggling

I don’t understand enough about the complexities and

2) Ecto and Changeset

I’m struggling with using this and my code is really really convoluted. This is because I’m trying to apply an OOP way of thinking to a functional way of programming. It’s completely different way of thinking and something that I just need to work on adjusting to. I know I can do it it’s just taking more time than I was hoping or expecting it to take.

3) Inviting a friend for design

I’ve invited a friend who’s absolutely wonderful in the frontend design. However that’s for the next 90 day sprint so for this sprint there’s nothing for me to do.

Website Authentication (161)

Total hours: 283 (7 hours behind target, day 5/90)

Top three:

1) Financial update to get ElixirCast.io course

I need to know what I’m doing and need to lean wholeheartedly into resources that will assist me in this. Sapphire Pack has funds for this and therefore I should be using them.

2) Got primitive login screen working

It’s good for creating a new account but upon an error of some kind it shows the password hash which is a major bug and reveals an internal implementation details which is a big no no.

3) Changed routing

Routing between Phoenix that I was following the tutorial for and the version that I’m using is substantially different in how the routes work so that I need to prepend the actual information in the Routes.<>_route(conn, :index) or such where <> is the route controller name. For example if the controller is PageController the routes URL’s would be page underscore route(conn, :index)

Website MVP Design (160)

Total hours: 282 (6 hours behind target, day 4/90)

Top three:

1) Xcode Utilities setup and troubleshoot on Beta version of iOS

This actually took alot of time to setup because alot of code attempted to say just ‘Xcode --install’ but it kept reporting Error unable to install Beta software.

Extremely frustrating but eventually I was able to install it using an obscure link to apple.com software beta repo which isn’t available from official but as a standalone which was super confusing.

2) Password hashing attempt

Password hashing attempt is done with Bcrypt and that’s something that I’m super proud of. It’s secure and not storing passwords in plain database which I’m soo proud of.

3) Routing figure out

Routing figure out and partially fixed out. Right now there’s the home page and I’m not yet got the login and deletion stuff figured out.

I got the security done using Bcrypt and I’ll be upping the security soon and such. It’s the MVP and that’s what I need to keep remembering.

Creep Failure (159)

Total hours: 279

Top three:

1) Elixir Learning

Learning about Elixir and how Agents work within the Elixir ecosystem.

2) Project creep

Discovering that the scope of the project had been creeping outwards in a way that wasn’t intended nor wanted at all.

3) Design failure

Part of the project creep.

Website Implemented (158)

Total hours: 274

Top three:

1) Learning Elixir

Got the basic setup of scripting setting up. Understanding the flow operator. It’s absolutely powerful and makes the code super easy to read.

I love this little thing.

2) CurrentR continue designing

3) Got website setup with integration using CD

CurrentR (157)

otal hours: 271

Top three:

1) Elixir Learning

Beginning a sample project to pull data from Github and display as BEAUTIFUL tables.

2) Currentr

Designing the overall UI, I’ve found that the R on the end of things is going to a staple. Current is like an oceans current (most of the libraries devolved for Linkerd) are going to be ocean themed.

3) Keyboard Practice

I’ve upgraded to a modern keyboard setup. However this comes with a massive learning curve. Therefore the first hour I spent using the new keyboard (while being hampered quite a bit). I much prefer the new keyboard (even though it’s still slow) since it’s much more ergonomic.

OTP Elixir Learning (156)

Total hours: 270

Top one:

1) Elixir Learning

This was just raw experience and practicing. Starting with OTP and such. OTP is the open telecommunications platforms.

Elixir Learning (155)

Total hours: 269

Top one:

1) Speed learning Elixir Structs, Maps and Dictionarys

Biz Rebranding (154)

Total hours: 268

Top three:

1) Biz rebranding plannings

Planning to amalgamate Sapphire Pack and Gaya as one single entity. Just like Standard Notes and the company.